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Gator Best

Gator Best Celebrations

What it is?

Gator Best Celebration is a positive reward students receive throughout the school year when they demonstrate life skills. Students at Gibson Elementary have an opportunity to shine and participate in creative activities every trimester. Each student has an opportunity to participate if they have a high participation in attendance, keep up with homework, and have less than 2 behavior referrals to the office. In addition other activities include Gator Greens in which students can turn those in for extra rewards during the school year. Teacher inform student if they will be able to participate several weeks before the celebration.


Activities are planned for students by our BEST Committee. These dedicated individuals plan, execute and organize the student activities for each Gator Best Celebration.  Some of the activities that have been included are below.

Student Activities:

Game Truck

Water Activities





Video Games

Physical Education


Outdoor Games

Lunch with Administrator

Additional Information

Please check in with your child's teacher to get more information during back to school night, or set up an appointment. 


Gator Chant

Gibson Gator Chant


Gator Great is what we are!
The best way to SUCCEED,

Is to follow the BIG 3.
1, 2, 3

Gator Great is what we are!

Best Celebration